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May 03,2017
impact models -

I have approached Impact Models and they ask for £150 to join (for website maintenance, etc). Basically to be signed, they say they will deduct the £150 from my first job. Should I join their agency?so i decided by thimking thatMost agencies will ....

Apr 04,2017

I tried on three dresses, they said that I was exactly what they were looking for, and we had an hour long conversation about the meaning of life........ So why do I see another girl doing the job on their agencies.It's not an easy industry, you're n....

Mar 22,2017
fashion model management -

“I was called into an office and told I had been offered a contract with Fashion Model Management but I would have to buy photographs for £750 in order to work for them.I refused to pay because I had been told that there would be no cost.My collea....

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Modeling Scam

Being a victim of the scam is actually a painful experience and it is very shocking to believe that 90% of the successful scams happen in modeling industry. Despite being smart and knowledgeable, the models still continue becoming a prey for scams. Breaking into the modeling industry is a childhood dream of many; don't shatter your dreams by getting trapped for modeling scams. Know and be aware of the ways how models are targeted and convinced easily by fake brokers/agents. Avoid falling into a modeling trap!

How to spot the Scam

Reputable agencies are highly selective – Irrespective of your experience or suitability, if they are willing to sign you, question their motives—particularly if they ask you to pay some amount.

Fee charge – The legitimate agencies make money as a commission for their model's work and they include charges only after their models get intimation for work.

Earn high salaries – This is another catchy fake line. It is an open statement that, models with years of experience can only make high salaries. No fresher can come out of receiving high salary at their first work.

Time flexibility - Models literally don't have the flexibility to choose their working time. They are unpredictable and it is never an option. Watch out for agencies that promise for time flexibility.

Fee for classes – Some agencies solely throw promises of giving jobs once model's agree to get enrolled in their modeling classes. They collect a huge chunk of money as registration fees followed by separate payment for individual classes.

Job assurance - No agency can guarantee 100% job assurance. The potential models are highly targeted by these false promises and the victims were asked to sign a contract agreeing to pay huge dollars before they could work as models.

Photo shoot fraud – Be wary of any agency that forces you to make use of a particular photographer. Legitimate agencies don't require you to use particular photographer.

How to protect yourself

Verify the agency's credentials and reputation. If any agency asks for advance payments, literally drop taking their service.

Check out all claims made in agency advertisements whether they are truly offered or not.

Make sure the agency possess true license by checking it with your local consumer protection agency.

Contact the models and get information about the agency of which they have earlier worked with.

Get copies of important papers such as contract, agency literature and verbal promises in writing.