Advertisement fee:
A model portfolio is much more necessary as it appear to be advertisement in the fashion industry to the modeling agencies who demand to see your photographs before they could file a agreement with you .few agencies will not even schedule the interview without pounding into your portfolio. Eventually models may automatically assume and naturally conclude, or be easily convinced by the agencies for advertising fees are legitimate expenses to launch a modeling career. Exposure!!!! Is it necessary?
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There are different kinds of promotional medium or visual advertising for new and successful models, some of criteria within an industry relating to the standard functioning, and others occasionally used, including photos, composite cards, post cards, portfolios, "books," and CDs.
Advertising fees, otherwise, are banned in several states.
Website hosting of composite cards and portfolios by modeling agencies is simply another form of advertising. The purpose of targeting audience is the same; the only difference is the medium. Therefore, conflict of laws does not allow agencies models to pay for advertising, requiring them to pay for advertising online is illegal.
The precept are clearly designed to prevent agencies from making money by upfront fees, even in addition to, commissions on work done by models.

Advertising and promotion including job and financial responsibility is of the agents and the agencies. If they truly have experience, skill, and contacts, and they sincerely believe a new model has real potential, they will have to take the financial loss. The albatross is on them to advertise and stimulate.