background check:
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modeling company background check

What To Look At

1.The head of the US Department of Justice (Attorney General's Office of FraudĀ  Investigations)

2.The Better Business Bureau (BBB), is a nonprofit organization  focused on advancing marketplace trust  consisting of 112 independently incorporated local BBB organizations in the United States and Canada coordinated under the Council of Better Business Bureaus

3. publish news report:News media is typically biased by being selective in what stories to report about the agencies.)
4. Securities and Exchange Commission Filings(SEC filing is a financial statement or other formal document submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). ... Investors and financial professionals rely on these filings for information about companies they are evaluating for investment purposes.)
5. Leadership Criminal Records history check
6. A strategic business Alliance will usually fall short of a legal partnership entity, agency, or corporate affiliate relationship.
7. Conflicts of Interest
8. Critical Comments by BBB Leaders
9. Modeling Scams Books RESEARCH
10. Modeling Industry Standards BUREAU
11. Online Forum Complaints


[ ] Previous/Alternate Company Name(s)
[ ] AGO Fraud Investigations
[ ] Better Business Bureau Reports
[ ] Published News Reports
[ ] Securities and Exchange Commission Filings
[ ] Leadership Criminal Records
[ ] Lawsuits vs. Individual/Business.
[ ] Blush Management Model
[ ]Industry Model & Talent Management
[ ] Strategic Business Alliances
[ ] Conflicts of Interest
[ ] Violated Modeling Industry Standards
[ ] Illegal Business
[ ] Critical Comments by BBB Leaders
[ ] Online Forum Complaints