Beauty pageants:
beauty pageant is a competition that has habitually alert on judging and ranking the physical feature of the models who participate, although some contests have evolved to also incorporate personality qualities, intelligence, talent, and answers to judges' questions as judged criteria. The term may determine the rules of the competition, including the age range of contestants. The rules may also require the almost invariably refers only to contests for unmarried women such as the Big Four international beauty pageants 
image-1 with similar events for men or boys is the body building competition
The organizers of each pageant contestants to be unmarried, and be "virtuous", "amateur", and available for promotions, besides other criteria it may also set the clothing standards in which contestants will be judged, including the type of swimsuit.
Beauty pageants are generally multi-leveled, with local competitions nourishing into the larger competitions. The paradigm, the international pageants have hundreds or thousands of confined competitions. Child gorgeousness pageants they only focus on beauty of the child, cute gowns they wear, also including sportswear modeling, speech talent, and personal interviews. Adult and teen pageants focus on makeup, hair and gowns, swimsuit modeling, and personal interviews.image-1 image-1A frontrunner of this beauty contest is called as the beauty queen. The pejorative term onlooker often refers to trailing candidates while its rankings are referred to as placements.

Probable they are been givenĀ  awards that include any one from these likely; titles, tiaras or crowns, sashes, scepters, savings bonds, scholarships, and cash prizes.

image-1 image-1, Conversely, mature and teen pageants have been moving more towards judging speaking, and some pageants do not contain swimsuit or talent sections. In few contest the pageants award the winner or multiple runners-up with a college scholarships