Guaranteed work:

Modeling scams often spin around elevated prices and false promise. There is a saying, don't promise what you can't convey.

Scam artist, on the other hand, are much more fascinated to  your money than what they can distribute.
Sardonically, those who can convey what you want, they do not guarantee anything in the beginning; and single reason why an agency would make a assurance is because it cannot guarantee each of its modal a job.
Scam artists compose assurance easily and quickly, often without diplomacy with respect to size, height, and age, despite the undeniablefact these criteria are, and always have been, the main origin of modeling jobs.
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According to a Better Business Bureau (BBB) Report, a modeling organization cannot make promises that it will find modeling job for the model, they can’t guarantee anything, except it is licensed and bond, and that ranking can be confirmed in America with the State Department of Industrial Relations.
Most of the time the complete idea of a modeling society to make a promise is more than just unethical or illegal, it is absolutely absurd.
By the time you realize how absurd it is the model is completely being the fatality of a scam, which they blight themselves to be the misfortune.


Absurd’s here is totally Because it is not their decision.
Modeling doesn’t typically initiate with a modeling agency it’s likely to start with an advertising agency. The modeling agency provide the requirements of an advertising agency: it is not the other way how models do think.
Unless and until advertising agency guarantees work to a modeling agency, the agency cannot promise work to its models in general.