Modeling Agency Scams:

The most basic kinds of modeling agency scams is an individual or company addressing itself a modeling agency, while it is not a modeling agency.
This type of modeling agency use one of the most essential kinds of modeling agency scams: A photography scam.
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The modeling agency profess that it is going to get talent models to work, and for that, the model will need photos, or comp cards, or a portfolio.
There are also agencies which are just photo mills. They do not get people work. They doesn’t money from commissions after models get the work; instead, they make most of their money or even all of their money from modeling photos, priory a model gets any work.
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An authorized modeling agency cannot assure all its models will get work. Ultimately, the agency cannot decide which models will work and which models cannot. The best they can do is nominating specific models to their clients; after all it is client who is to decide.
But at an authorized modeling agency most of the models will work, and the majority will make more money from modeling than what they have paid for composite cards.