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john casablanca modeling schools are a big time scam. They are only interested in your credit card, than your modeling career. The photographer they have is not in the fashion he works for john Casablanca he gets a percentage. You do not need to take classes for modeling. Real agencies don't put pressure on you to pay for classes. Once you graduate they never call you again they already have their money, Yes they are a franchise anyone can buy one like a subway or mcdonalds these are classes are made up and led to nowhere, these scams in the modeling world have been going on for years. Please people don't be taken for a fool a complete waste of time and money, If you are interested in acting go take some classes from real theater people to learn about acting not from hairstylist or makeup artist. I hope lots of people will read this review beware of these scam artist who laugh their way to the bank.

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