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Thieves and Scoundrels
My daughter, aged 15 was taken advantage of by these ***. Using her sisters debit card she made an application for a 'photoshoot'. They immediately took £50 from the card - when I tried to complain, no one ever answered the phone, text, emails and mail went unanswered. Avoid them like the plague the are. I have had to get my older daughter to change her card details in case they continued to take money out of her account. These people prey on the innocent and the desperate - and like any scam artists they make it impossible to get into a conversation with them. So, if you or someone you know has signed up with them - contact your bank, cancel your card and (tell them that you think someone else has your details) and warn anybody else who might think of signing up with these *** about your experience.I'm sad to say that you've little or no chance of getting your money back.

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